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Life is a Journey.

Let's document it.

Every year and stage of life is important.  One of the only things that can truly capture those moments are photographs.  Let me give you the gift that lasts a lifetime.


We are all unique and photogenic

As a full-figured woman, I too, get intimidated by the camera.  My job is to make you look your best, as you are.  Le me find your perfect angle and capture your unique beauty.

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HI!!!  Hello!!  Thank you for stopping in.  I am excited to meet you!

My name is Amy.  I am just your average central Illinois mom who has a passion for photography.  I live in Nokomis IL with my 21-year-old son Kamden and my precious kitty cat Trooper.  You might be wondering how I came up with the name BeLoved217.  My first name, Amy, means Beloved and I live in the 217.


  As a person, I always try to see the beauty in everyone.  Let me capture yours!  

I finally told myself to stop imagining photo  ideas and DO THEM.


I have thought about starting a photography business for years.  As a busy, single mom finding the time was impossible a few years ago.  Now,  MY baby is in college so I have more time to chase my passions. 

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